Birding at Green Hills

Green Hills as a birding location:

Visitors to the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch are welcome to extend their stay for some world-class onsite birding!



Birding tours at Green Hills Ranch can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals as we have a wide variety of local and migratory species.

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Biodiversity is key to our work

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch and Botanical Collection is not just about butterflies and their food plants. Biodiversity in general is considered a key component of our work.

Nearly two decades of managing the Green Hills Property for biological diversity (starting with an abandoned pasture) to include those plants that attract not just butterflies but also birds of Belize and birding. The results have been astonishing.

Of course the hummingbirds take center stage. Feeders located near the caterpillar building attract dozens of hummingbirds and sometimes really distract from the butterflies. Until now we have recorded no less than 15 hummingbirds species, of which 11 can be seen at the feeders, and it’s not uncommon to see 6 species during a single visit to Green Hills Ranch.

Over 300 Bird Species Recorded

Overall we have recorded no less than 316 species on the 100 acres (40 hectares) that we manage. Some of this incredible number includes obvious vagrants such as the odd Brown Pelican now and then, but the majority are more or less regular guests (such as in the case of North American Migrants) or residents. Others are more unique. The first confirmed record of the Great Potoo for Belize was in 2009 at Green Hills.

Since 2005 we have carried out our alternative Christmas Bird count (or “Year-End Bird count) which is being carried out under very strict conditions. The count lasts only 24 hours, is conducted by one observer only, and restricts itself to what can be seen or heard from the Green Hill residence which translates to anything within a 100 m radius from our house. On average 70-90 species of birds are annually being recorded this way. An amazingly large number! Results can be downloaded.


Internationally Recognized Birding Hotspot

Not surprisingly, Green Hills is internationally recognized as a birding hotspot!

Bird observations are just one component of the research being carried out at Green Hills. More research is always in progress. You can check out Biodiversity related projects by Jan Meerman at: The Biodiversity in Belize site or go to the for species information and publications.

There are always some interesting birds to be seen at Green Hills. Our pride is the pair of Plumbeous Kites that has been nesting with us for the past 20 years. You have to come in early summer to see them.

Visitors to the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch are welcome to extend their stay for some on-site bird watching!

Check out our live Butterfly Exhibit included with birding.