Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is Belize's largest Butterfly Ranch.

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch in western Belize has about 30 native species in a large flight area. The friendly staff speak a variety of English, Spanish and Creole and will be happy to show you around. Apart from our butterflies, our 250-acre (101 hectare) property is also home to a rich biodiversity of Flora and Fauna such as ardency flowers, bromeliads, heliconias, orchids, hummingbirds, agoutis, margays, jaguars and gibnuts. Birder’s also enjoy our pristine rainforest which is home to about 300 species of birds.

  • Blue Morpho

    Morpho helenor peleides

    Family: Nymphalidae
    Subfamily: Satyrinae

  • Mexican Bluewing

    Myscelia ethusa

    Family: Nymphalidae
    Subfamily: Biblidinae

  • Gold-Edged Owl 

Caligo uranus
    Family: Nymphalidae
    Subfamily: Satyrinae

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Green Hills as a Birding Location

Overall we have recorded no less than 316 species on our 250 acres (101 hectares) of Broadleaf Tropical Rainforest.. Our pride is the pair of Plumbeous Kites (Ictinia plumbea) that has been nesting with us for the past 20 years.

Due to our extensive conservation practices we are finding increasing amounts of animals in our motion activated cameras. Including Jaguars, Mountain Lions, Ocelots, Margays, Tayras, Anteaters, Coatimundis, Armadillos, Gibnuts, Agoutis and many more!

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    Mon - Sun: 9am - 4pm
    Open on National Holidays

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    Adults: USD $20

    Children: USD $10